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Around the island - SOUTH of Thassos

Limenaria (40 Km SW from Thassos)


was developed at the end of the 19th century. It is a nice and busy town, surrounded by beautiful beaches. There are plenty of hotels, tavernas and bars. The main tourist base apart from Limenas, Limenaria is much closer to the best of the island's beaches. Many of the houses were built by the Turks to house German mining bosses around 1900 and the remaining mansions add some character. The inhabitants of the ancient village in the mountains called Kastro foundet Limenaria in the end of the 19th century It was founded at the slope of Ipsarion far away from the sea to protect the inhabitants from the pirates.



The mining company Speidel was extracting mineral resources from 1903 until few years ago. Higher up the harbour of Limenaria there is the Palataki. Here were the offices of the mining company. 

A medieval village located in the center of the island with an elevation of 650 meters.  It’s name derived from the ruins of a castle that once stood there. Perhaps the oldest village on Thassos. Kastro was totally abandoned apart from the church of St. Athanasios. In recent years nearly all of its houses have been restored and the village relives its former glory every year on the fest day of Agios Athanasios, 18 January. 
Pefkari lies between Limenaria and Potos. It is idyllic place with Hotels and taverns along the sandy beach. Ther is also one of the oldest camping at the island. Perfect place to eat or drink a coffee at the sunset.

Potos (50 Km SW from Thassos town)


is one of the most important tourist resorts in Thassos Island. There are plenty of taverns, restaurants, bars, cafeterias and snack bars. There is also a great selection of hotels and rooms to choose from. The beach is excellent, but all the beaches around Potos are beautiful too. Pefkari has fine sand and pine trees, Psili Ammos, Astris and a bit further Thymonia and Alyki all with sand.




The old island capital, and still the administrative centre for the southern half of the island. The mountains and the inland landscapes of this area are among the most picturesque on the island.  Its houses are built in the traditional Macedonian style. The Church of Agios Dimitrios was built in 1823. 
Thimonia is a little settlement with a few houses which have been recently renovated and owned mainly from the people who are living in Alyki. It is the only village that the road is not an asphalt. 



They are small settlements which belong to Theologos. They are almost abandoned but recently with the tourist growth and the hotels and apartments which have been build there have been rediscovered. Perfect places for peaceful holidays at the sandy beaches of the south part of the island. 
Off the east side of the island there is a small rocky islet that was once called the HOLY ROCK. Today is an abandoned settlement which becomes alive with the first tourists with a dreamy beach, taverns and archaeological interest. It is a must to be the, to swim at the crystal waters, and to eat fresh fish at the taverns. A small tour at the ruins of Aliki, at the palace and the churches is also a must.  
Aliki was used for worship from 7th century BC.  A sanctuary was built on it.  It was in constant use up until the Christian era, when two basilicas were built on the highest part of the rock.  
 On the rock’s Eastern Shore stood a sanctuary dedicated to the savior gods, possibly the Dioscuri, who protected ships and sailors on their voyages.    The ruins of the sanctuary can be seen.  The buildings date back to the 5th and 6th centuries BC.


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