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Olive groves Prinos
Limenas, Thassos
Limenaria, Thassos
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Skala Sotiros
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Golden Beach
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Sunset from ferry
Sunset from Sotiros, thassos
Sunset  Sotiros
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Skala Maries
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About the traditional Architecture of Thassos

If we notice and examine the settlements of Thassos, we will find out that there is a homogeny in the traditional architecture, even though there are some specialties of types of residence from place to place. The thassian architecture can be characterized as Macedonian with local variations. Last century builders from Epirus have been in Thassos and influenced with their work the local traditional architecture which has little similarity with the typical Greek island architecture. The characteristics of the thassian architecture are the colors which have been used before the Bulgarian (second world war) occupation. Unfortunately today instead of blue, red and green the houses are painted white. The next characteristic are special features such as the swerving angle of a building in public space, which is formed with carved marble or stone angular rocks. Also the arched entrance and the arched marble lintel. Traditional settlements are Kazaviti, Panagia, Theologos, Rachoni and Agios Georgios, Sotiros, Kastro.



Elea, 3 New stone houses in bio organic olive grove in Thassos

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