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Almost every village and every church has its own festivities. I just indicate some of them here. I am sure if you ask the local people you can add some more at the list. Every festivity - panigiri - is mainly a local event where the kloubani - a local food offered to all visitors - served as well people dance with live music.

  • 7 Januar, Timiou Prodromou - Agios Jiannis, Prinos

  • 17 Januar, Agios Antonios, Potos

  • 18 Januar, Agios Athanasios, Kastro

  • 2 February, Candlemas of Christ, Kazaviti and Panagia

  • 10 February, Agios Charalampos, Kazaviti and Panagia

  • 40 days before Easter, Carnival. Carnaval has some thousands of years tradition at the island of Thassos and is still celebrating at many villiages. At Panagia takes place the most famous carnival of the island as well as in Potamia, Rachoni, Limenaria, Skala Maries and Kallirachi. Visit the photos of the carnaval of Thassos as well.

  • 25 March, Annunciation, Euaggelismou, church of Euaggelistria in Limenaria

  • Easter Monday, residents of Theologos set off together for the monastery of Archagelos others on foot and others on decorated mules and donkeys.

  • Easter Friday and Easter Sunday celebrated like everywhere in Greece with protest on Friday, Anastasi between Saturday and Sunday and after magiritsa and Sunday with the grilled and /or filled got or lamp.

  • 3 day after Easter Ag.Georgios Kazaviti. 
    At this day the residents of Limenaria and and Kalivia revive the custom "Let it rain, my April". This is a dance of the rain which has its roots in Pre-Christians festivities.

  • In the village of Panagia, Thassos, the burning of Judas takes place at Easter night.

  • 40 days after Easter id the ascension day, celebration at the church of village Sotiros. 

  • 50 days after Easter the eve of the Holy Ghost , at the church of the holly Trinity at Kinira.

  • 8 May, Agios Giannis, Theologos

  • 24 June, Timiou Prodromou, Skala Maries

  • June 28 Ag Apostolos Kazaviti

  • 1 July, Agion Anargiron, Skala Kalirachi

  • 7 July, Agia Kiriaki, Prinos and Panagia

  • 11 July, Agios Giannis Neomartira, Maries

  • 17 JulyAgia Marina, Kazaviti and Limenas

  • 15-28 July Kazavitiana in Mikro Kazaviti

  • 20 July, Prophet Ilias, Panagia

  • In the middle of July cultural activities take place in Theologos as well as the traditional local wedding.

  • 26 July, Agia Paraskeui, Kazaviti and Theologos

  • 27 July Ag Panteleimon in the Monastery

  • 1 August Kalivia and sometimes in Prinos, Augoustos Para Augoustos me sika kai Karidia. A pre-Christian festivity with dance and jumping over fire as pray to the hotest month of Summer August 

  • Aug 15 Panagia at Panagia and Rachoni mainly and all over the island where a Panagia church exists. 15 August is celebrating at Thassos and general in Greece as Christmas and Easter.

  • July and August frequent culural and sport activities of the local Community at the Camping Prinos

  • 29 Aug Agios Giannis up to the mountains of Prinos and at Sotiros village. 

  • 14 October, Agia Paraskeui,  Theologos

  • 26 October Agios Dimitrios, Theologos, Kalivia and Limenaria

  • 8 November, Archagellos Michael and Gabliel, Maries

  • 21 November, Presentation of Virgin Mary, Potamia

  • 30 November, Agios Andreas, Prinos

  • 6 December, Agiao Nikolaos, Limenas, Limenaria, Prinos, Rachoni, Kalirachi and Potos

  • 15 December, Agios Elefterios, Limenaria

  • At the ancient Theater of Limenas there concerts and ancient greek theater every July and August.

  • More festivals at the perfecture of Kavala:


    Amphitheatre at Mikro
    Kazaviti where the Kazavitiana festival is
    taking place every 

    Kloumpani (cooked 
    meal which is offered
    by the local church at
     festivals) at the
    festival of Agion Apostolon at Kazaviti.
    Then the people 
    celebrate with live 
    music at the cental 
    place of Kazaviti 
    Agios Giannis: 
    In front of the church


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