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Olive groves Prinos
Limenas, Thassos
Limenaria, Thassos
Sakala Sotiros, Thassos
Skala Sotiros
Golden Beach, Thassos
Golden Beach
Sunset from ferry, thassos
Sunset from ferry
Sunset from Sotiros, thassos
Sunset  Sotiros
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Skala Maries
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About Thassos Portal 

The objective of Thassos Portal is to select all the available information on the web regarding Thassos and provide with accurate information ex and potential travelers to Thassos.

From the other site being Thassian I know how difficult is for the local people to find their business partners and to promote themselves out of Thassos and out of Greece. Therefor I have decided at 1999 to develop this site and call it Thassos Portal.
At this time only someone from Sweden had information for our island and an English couple with wonderful photos with the name "a taste of Thassos". At the begging I have created at tripod, then at then at, later as, and since 2011 as
I should mention that Thassos Portal is not a profit site service but it is a voluntary personal initiative in order to contribute to development of Thassos. If you like thassos please contribute in a positive way e.g. by suggesting it to others, or clicking on the google advertising or sending comments through the form etc. My email is
Thank you very much in advance.


Elea, 3 New stone houses in bio organic olive grove in Thassos

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Our local weather station and forecast for Prinos Thassos

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